How Can You Purchase TuffSub?

How Can You Purchase TuffSub?

TuffSub (patent pending) is only available through a Glazier. FGS Glass manufacture TuffSub Patterned Toughened Mirror but we do not install. So we have provided you with a link on our website (CLICK HERE) that will give you a list of our Approved Installers. It will be pretty easy to find an Installer in your area that will come to you, measure, quote and install your TuffSub, in whatever application you would like. You can be assured that we only add great Glaziers to our Approved Installer list.

Availability of TuffSub

TuffSub is manufactured exclusively in Melbourne, Victoria. It is readily available to all Glaziers in Victoria and can also be shipped interstate. Any interstate order would have to be crated and shipped, at cost. Ask your local Glazier to get in contact with FGS Glass and we will be able to quote the Glazier for TuffSub and also for the shipping. Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page to ensure you are kept up to date with all announcements.

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What is TuffSub?

TuffSub is a unique, one of a kind glass, created by FGS Glass to close the gap between Toughened Mirrors, Traditional Tiling and is totally customisable. It is a new innovative product, that is exclusive to FGS Glass, that unique patterns in Toughened Mirrors such as Tiles, Logo's or Artwork

We do not install but we have lots of approved Installers to help you with your TuffSub purchase. Click in the menu above to find an Approved Installer near you.